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Our Services

We serve clients nationwide. Contact us at (202) 352-5303 or send us a message through our intake form.

Customer-Centric Service Delivery

Aligns services and products based on the clients needs using changing demographics, marketing research, andsocial media platforms.

Public Engagment

Use various types of social marketing approaches, including traditional media
and social media techniques to engage and penetrate new markets based on
the client’s needs.

Healthcare and Health Policy

Provide timely strategic consultation, analysis, and other analytic studies to support client’s needs in the areas of healthcare and health policy.

Our Advantages

We understand that technology can play a critical role in improving patient care. That’s why we offer innovative and technology-driven health solutions. Our services are designed to make your life easier, and they’re backed by our commitment to customer service. We also ensure that our services are relevant and accessible to meet the needs of every client.

Innovative and Technology Driven Health Solutions

Customer-Centric Service Delivery

Who Are We?

The Pacheco Consulting Group, LLC is a consulting firm that helps clients drive innovation to solve complex healthcare delivery challenges within their business.

PCG offers customer services that are tailored to the unique needs of clients.

Specific PCG expertise focuses on four key service areas: customer-centric services, public engagement, healthcare, and health policy analysis.


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